Quick Hits: Rawligion Founder John Tabatabai’s Top 3 Tips to Detox Your Body



2017 is all about taking charge of our bodies and the place to start is from the inside out. We sat down with Rawligion founder, John Tabatabai and picked his brain on the three key ingredients to detox and alkalize your system – even if you don’t have an herbalist, dehydrator or a world class juicer in your kitchen.

“The problem with 2017 is that most people have completely omitted nature’s staples from our diet. Ingredients our ancestors regarded as commonplace are now virtually non-existent in our food”, John says. Everything at the Fitzrovia based health haven is made on-site, including the raw chocolate (yes, healthy chocolate), juices and food. Each menu item incorporates ingredients from traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine and Aztec superfoods.


Coriander (cilantro) and Chlorella:
“The two consumed together are probably nature’s most powerful detoxifier and can rid the body of 80% of heavy metals within 42 days”. John stresses the importance of eating them at the same time as too much coriander without chlorella to counteract could have adverse effects. Coriander mobilizes more toxins than it is capable of banishing all by itself which is where the chlorella is necessary to help complete the job. 

Aloe Vera:
“Aloe vera is critical to cleaning out our bodies and is essential to supporting proper digestion and promoting a balanced metabolism but it’s almost impossible to find products which contain it in its pure form”, John says. Aloe vera is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants – nutrients necessary for your liver, kidneys and detox organs to function optimally. One of Rawligion’s best selling products, the pH balanced “Aloe Ferox Water” is insanely refreshing and will quench your thirst while cleansing your body- triple threat.


Rawligion incorporates coriander in their signature salads and considers it a magical herb. Their aptly named ‘Londons Greatest Smoothie’ is a powerhouse of greens and probably the only delicious fruit free smoothie we’ve ever come across. The ‘Bluerella’ smoothie is an antioxidant love affair of blueberries and chlorella, the tastiest way to banish those stubborn toxins.


John has been on a journey of his very own these past few years, turning to raw and organic food when modern medicine failed him. He swears that his diet overhaul was largely responsible for curing his Bell’s Palsy and restoring him to full health. His journey compelled him to open the Fitzrovia plant-based cafe.  “The purpose of Rawligion is to change the perception of plant-based food and let people know that not only can it taste delicious but it can also be incredibly nourishing.” We’d say he nailed it. 3 Tottenham St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 2AF