New Shreve & Co. Finally Open on Post Street

unspecifiedPhoto Credit: Drew Altizer

Fans of the storied 165 year-old San Francisco-based jeweler Shreve & Co. rejoice! The new two-story 15,000 square foot (it’s more than double the size of the original space) permanent flagship has officially opened its doors. Located at 150 Post Street, a hop, skip, and jump away from the Shreve Building at 210 Post, the new boutique is a glittering mecca of diamonds and watches. Designed by the Shreve team and Locate Architectural Group, the store is absolutely beautiful. The first floor features dedicated areas to brands like Marco Bicego, and Rolex. The second floor has a massive selection of diamond engagement rings and private rooms for a more intimate shopping experience. Patek Philippe has a large presence in the spacethe Swiss watch manufacturer sold one of its first watches in the United States at Shreve & Co.

Tatiana Sorokko
Tatiana Sorokko

Photo Credit: Drew Altizer

“We’ve been selling watches with Shreve since the 1860s—there is a lot of similarities between the two brands,” Larry Pettinelli, the president of Patek Philippe, told Haute Living before the opening. “Shreve is in their 4th generation of owners and so are we. If you look at the auctions and the values that come out of the vintage Pateks, people will buy a vintage 1930s piece that was $600 and now it’s $18,000-$20,000, and they will understand that the way we make the watches has remained the same. The care is the same. It’s about quality and relationships.” Long-lasting relationships are crucial to Shreve & Co.’s success. Lane Schiffman, co-owner and managing partner of Shreve explains it like this: “We want our customer to be proud of their decisions, so they carry it on to the next generation. We have multigenerational customers. But it’s not just what the product is, it’s much more what it means. That is the true essence of why we have been in business for so long.”

To celebrate the opening of the luxe new store, Shreve hosted an elaborate party last week. Notable attendees included Olga Dzilikhova, Tatiana Sorokko, Douglas Meakin, Rada Katz, Brenda Zarate, Gwendolyn Rayner, Brenda Mickel, Jonathan Rachman, and Susanna Allen