What’s On His Desk: Fashion Designer Andrea Turchi

Born in Ancona, Andrea Turchi now lives and works in Milan, from where he designs his stunning clothing that has taken the fashion scene by storm.

Andrea Turchi’s designs are available in Dubai at Cities Design Art & Lifestyle store.

After studying at the Institute Callegari, in 1987 Andrea won a competition organized by GENNY spa and chaired by Ms. Donatella Girombelli. As the winner, he was introduced to the style of BYBLOS as an assistant to Alan Cleaver stylists and Keith Varty, where he followed the women’s and men’s collections and accessories.

Turchi became versed in the field of knitwear after leaving BYBLOS and going to work with Alessandro Water.

The company ANDREATURCHI was established in 2000 when Turchi, strengthened by his detailed experience with some important Italian companies and some designers, decided to start to be independent and carry out autonomous fashion advisory services.

The headquarters are in Milan, Via Melegnano, 6, and are the creative study and business office of the company. The production for his designs takes place in Italy, and are controlled by Turchi, who personally approves every piece before shipment to customers.

The famed designer Andrea Turchi took a moment from his schedule to visit with our Dr. Nasrine Abushakra about his sources of inspiration.

Andrea Turchi
Designer Andrea Turchi

What does your average day look like?

I love to wake up in a very early morning to take my dogs out and ready for a new day of creation in my laboratory where all the ideas come from.

What top five items comprise your desktop arsenal? Why?

Mobile to be always reachable, pencil and paper to design my drafts, fashion magazines to be always updated on styling line.

What is one desktop item you just cannot live without?

My mobile.

What are some must-have dresses for this year?

PRADA tailleur – CELINE long white dress – MARNI print dress.

Who is your greatest inspiration?

I take my inspiration from music.

What is your favorite spot in Dubai?

Unfortunately I’ve never been to Dubai, but through magazines and media I find it a great and dynamic city. It will surely be one of the next cities I visit, especially with regards to Cities Store.