Louis XIII Opens First Luxe Boutique in Beijing’s SKP

Louis XIII Salon SKP

The world’s most luxurious cognac, Louis XIII de Rémy Martin, is expanding and celebrating its first-ever boutique that just opened in Beijing, China. A cognac that is truly fit for a king, it is only appropriate that the brand would launch its first boutique, aside from its French flagship, in the mecca of all things luxury, available to the utmost elite audience at Beijing’s prestigious SKP Shopping Center.

Louis XIII Boutique

The futuristic boutique is nothing short of breathtaking, drawing its audience in with the impressive Century Wheel, which anchors the store and is composed of 1,200 glass bricks. The wheel is activated by the human touch, which creates a digital experience of illuminated glass, each piece representing a decade in a century of eaux-de-vie. The luxe boutique’s color, materials and design are all indicative of the Louis XIII brand, so much so that stepping into the store makes customers feel that they are stepping into one of Louis XIII’s fancy, intricate decanters.

“A boutique allows us to offer our clients the ultimate retail experience. Whether they are connoisseurs or sensitive to craftsmanship and exception, quality and history, our clients are not merely looking for a product. They want to experience the brand,” said Eric Vallat, CEO of the House of Rémy Martin. “Wine and spirits brands are not retailers, but we believe that LOUIS XIII, with its unique positioning, has the ability to change the rules of the game in our industry, to resonate beyond cognacs and dialogue directly with its valued clients.”

Louis XIII Eternity Room
Louis XIII Eternity Room

Another alluring feature is the boutique’s invitation-only Eternity Room, solely reserved to the brand’s most valuable clients and “le famille.” The small amber room located at the back of the boutique is used for private tastings and special previews of upcoming releases. The boutique will feature the legendary, limited-edition Le Mathusalem, which will be for sale to its customers. The Mathusalem is the first of its kind to cognac brands, and is a massive crystal six-liter decanter, sold with eight glasses, a pipette and a serving platter.

Opening its first boutique is an important step in transforming the spirit into a true luxury lifestyle brand. As pioneers in the wine and spirits industry, Louis XIII can take its brand to the next level with this boutique by opening up a special pathway for direct communication with its clients. From glass and food pairings to one-on-one store visits or tastings, consumers of Louis XIII will get to feel the ultimate luxury shopping experience when visiting the SKP Boutique.