Vilebrequin CEO Roland Herlory Shares His Desktop Essentials


Roland Herlory is a man of style, and one who needs ocean-friendly inspiration at work. As CEO of Vilebrequin, a role he’s had since September 2012, Herlory has returned the core values of the brand’s DNA in all of its offerings: expanding its product categories including shoes and sunglasses, and opening new stores in the United States, Germany, and China. Prior to joining Vilebrequin, which has stores in Los Angeles in Malibu at the Lumber Yard and in Beverly Hills, Herlory headed wholesale and retail for Latin America and oversaw the coveted department of Special Orders for the French house of Hermès. During his 20-year tenure at Hermès, Herlory created some of the most successful, and oftentimes whimsical, retail collaborations for the house.  He is an avid collector of contemporary art, and divides his time between Paris, New York, St. Barth and Geneva. Here, he shares a peek at his desk with Haute Living. 

Haute Living - Roland's desk items


  1. 1 cup of green tea – Fujiyama by Mariage Frères. I always have a cup of green tea on my desk and drink it throughout the day, it cleanses and resets my mind and body.
  2. Picture of Porquerolles (France) by Massimo Vitali. I have admired Massimo’s work for years. I have always been moved by his images and was so proud that we could do a collaboration with him.
  3. Notebook/iPhone. I could not live without my notebook and iPhone. I rarely use the computer as I prefer writing, and nothing is more effective, or persuasive, than a one-on-one conversation. This gives me the freedom of movement; it imposes you to go to the essentials.
  4. La Piscine by Jacques Deray. I will watch this movie every couple of months for inspiration. Romy Schneider and Alain Delon are at their top level of beauty. The French Riviera’s mood and sensuality whispers in every scene.
  5. Life’s A Beach by Martin Parr. I flip through these images to get a laugh during the day and to remind myself to not take everything too seriously. Humor is the secret of happiness.
  6. Vilebrequin Boy’s Swimsuit with Flocked Turtles. Our magical product, the classic swimsuit carries all the souvenirs of your holidays. When glancing at the swimsuit in your wardrobe it immediately reminds you of those happy times on vacation.