Kevin Robb Continues His Passion of Sculpting

Kevin Robb, artist
Kevin Robb, artist

Kevin Robb, an eminent metal sculptor from Colorado, has managed to echo his name to the world of art by his unorthodox yet innovative approach to metal sculptures. He graduated from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design with the pursuit of monumental metal sculpting and, at age 49, Robb was at the peak of his popularity for his well-established sculpture business. Robb’s passion for his art incited him to shape his life and support his family through sculpting.

Fading all the success and happiness, in the morning of January 9, 2004, wife Diane Robb found his gifted husband unconscious on the floor of his studio with no response. For the following 13 days, Kevin Robb stayed on life support as his family prayed for a miraculous recovery.

After seven weeks of rehabilitation, Kevin Robb was back home with restricted physical capabilities and almost no communicative abilities. However, his family never stopped their support of reuniting him with his studio, where Robb’s greatest passion resides. Thus, after ten weeks of unresponsiveness, he found life again with sculpting in his studio, showing true devotion for creating art works.

With a vocabulary of only about a hundred words and limited physical movement, today, Kevin Robb shows his determination for creating metal sculptures. He continues to design all of his works and leads his staff in every aspect for creating monumental pieces. Robb still manages to persist his reputation of unconventionality and uniqueness by the high quality craftsmanship in his sculptures that comes from his perseverance.

"Flying Kites at Night" Sculpture by Kevin Rodd
“Flying Kites at Night” Sculpture by Kevin Robb