Wynwood’s Walls Come Alive in Limited Edition Coloring Book


We’re pretty sure you’ve heard by now, but adult coloring books are a thing now. It’s a trendy pastime said to relieve stress and tap into your inner child. As with brewing companies, juice bars and all things trendy, Wynwood has gotten one of their own—the Wynwood Coloring Book. 

The book was launched a few months ago as a Kickstarter project by graphic designer Diego Orlandini. The concept was to take Wynwood’s famous murals and put them on paper for you to color – however you want. The book is made from velvety wood-free paper, and signed limited editions go for $150 making it a rather high-end gift indeed. (Unsigned copies can be had for $25.)

After all, this is serious art by 42 different Miami-based contributing artists such as Alexander Mijares, who recently painted a staircase at the new EAST hotel in downtown Miami. Other artists include, Alice Mizrachi, Alex Senna, Cernesto, Chris Riggs, Claudia La Bianca, Cori Hohër, Danielle Brutto & Molly Rose Freeman, Davel, Diana Conteras, Earl Funk, Elle, Entes y Pesimo, Erni Vales, Ever, Fallen Rose of 2Square, GG, Gonzo247, Indie 184, Ivan Roque, Jason Botkin, Jenny Perez, Jim Mahfood, Jorge Rodriguez, Krave, Lola Blu, Luis Valle, Makatron, Misha Tyutyunik, Nicole Salcedo, Patch Whisky, Pawn Price, Sheryo & The Yok, Stink Fish, Spear Torres, The London Police, Uncutt, Whut213, Will Rodriguez Graffx, and Zosen Bandido & Mina Hamada.

There is an artist directory in the back so you can get to know the artists, which was part of Orlandini’s impetus for doing the project after he realized he didn’t know much about the artists whose work he admired around the district.

You can also buy pens or pencils on the site, and although the images might be just a touch on the adult side, it really would be a perfect present if you’re trying to be the “cool” aunt or uncle.