The 5 Must-See Outdoor Art Exhibits This Summer In NYC

Summer in New York City signals many behavioral changes amongst those who dare to bare the heat all season long without a weekend escape. Aside from all of the rain, humidity and smells the city seems to generate during the summer, it can actually be an incredibly season to stay in New York. Those who chose to stay, seldom spend their time at home. This is the season to explore your city, mind you without the burden of local crowds, who have fled to their summer homes.

Amongst the many things New York City has to offer in the summer, one attribute unique to the season is the advent of outdoor art exhibits. These usually over-crowded sites become much more approachable if you’re willing to enjoy them under the summer heat. You know, survival of the fittest and whatnot. Here are five out door art exhibits to explore before you blink your eyes and summer is over.