Haute’s Style Guide for the Modern Gentleman

Ermenegildo Zegna Store in Miami's Design District
Ermenegildo Zegna Store in Miami’s Design District

Photo Credit: Robin Hill“Fashion fades, but style is eternal.” Yves Saint Laurent certainly had perpetuity in mind when making the famous statement. Dressing well has become a badge of the elite in today’s world, with more and more men following in the style steps of actors, athletes and celebrities. Getting it right can be a bit overwhelming. However, there are some things every man can do to up his style game. From fit to customization, here are a few tips to help you navigate the streets of MIA with confidence in your wardrobe.

The pièce de resistance in any man’s wardrobe is his suit, and there are several ways to make it standout from the masses. Bespoke suiting has two characteristics that are clear signs of a hand-made garment: working buttonholes and pop stitching. While off-the-rack has decorative buttons by the sleeves, a bespoke suit will make them utile and allow you to fold your sleeves to confront the heat. Visible stitching is the result of pick-stitched lapels; even from a far, everyone will notice your suit’s craftsmanship.

A suit can be much more than just ties and shirt, and that is where pocket squares come in. You can go from being every other guy at a summer wedding to a style legend by simply adding a pocket square to your outfit; just make sure not to match it exactly to your tie – too much coordination does not work. In these casual times, cuff links and tie bars seem to have lost their mojo, but if you keep it sterling silver clean you will be sure to distinguish yourself.

If your day-to-day doesn’t require a suit, the easiest way to present yourself in a well-dressed manner is by having your clothes fit you properly. It may be comfortable to wear them, but nobody wants to look at baggy pants or loose shirts. With the current technology behind customization you’re able to have an entire wardrobe made to fit, from button downs to chinos, swim shorts to polo shirts (and make them personal limited editions with a subtle monogram).

Finally, make sure to keep yourself updated by checking men’s fashions websites and magazines every once in a while; you never know what you may learn or find. Now you’re ready to walk out the door and go for a shopping spree in Miami’s Design District. You’re sure to find everything you need to create and maintain eternal style.

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