Dominique Ansel Bakery is Bringing Cronuts to London


His sweet creations have caused crazes in New York and Japan, and now Dominique Ansel is taking his talents to London. You no longer have to cross the pond for a cronut, starting in September 2016 you’ll be able to get them in Belgravia.

While you’ll certainly have the opportunity to sample his famous cookie shot and frozen s’mores, Ansel has create a menu and venue inspired by London itself. You can expect the pastry connoisseur to present creative takes on classic English treats. Let’s just say tea time will never be the same again. The physical shop has also been designed with London in mind. This bakery was inspired by observing guests make acquaintances in line and then go their separate paths after the register, with only a quick goodbye and promise to keep in touch. They found that this universal human interaction was also prevalent in train stations. Using Victoria Station close by, the team at Dominique Ansel created an ambiance which alludes to the romance of train stations,  and how they act as meeting places ‘where people greet and part from one another on or after their way from great journeys.’

The London outpost will actually be larger than the original New York City location. It will span two stories with the bakery and seating on the first floor and the pastry kitchen on the second floor. For those short English summers

As with that location, Dominique Ansel London is larger than the chef’s original NYC location: It’s two stories, with the bakery and seating on the first floor and the pastry kitchen on the second. An outdoor courtyard will be decorated with “a vertical garden canopied by fresh flowers.” Similar to the layout of Dominique Ansel Kitchen in NYC’s West Village, Dominique Ansel London will have an open kitchen.


“Over the years, we’ve had guests who’ve met each other and become friends while waiting together and dining with us,” Ansel says in a release, “When they reach the register, that’s when they say their goodbyes and well wishes to stay in touch with one another, and that moment reminded us of a train station where so many people are greeting or saying bye to friends and loved ones.”