Wine Ice Cream Is About To Steal Your NYC Summer


Wine and ice cream are already two incredible creations, but when put together they create something seriously life changing. The geniuses at Mercer’s have been making ice cream since 1952, but it wasn’t until 2006 that they developed their game-changing product.

Sure, we all love a little chocolate ice cream, but have you ever had it with Cabernet poured over it? Probably not, but it’s about to be your favorite go-to this summer. It may be just another food trend to hit the Big Apple, but when you have Hilary Clinton backing you, there is no way you won’t succeed.

“Three words: wine ice cream. As a senator, I started something called New York Farm Day. We’d bring producers from all over the state to Washington to show off the best New York has to offer. One year, we had a winemaker set up next to a family-owned ice cream maker. Long story short, someone was having a really good time, and after a few glasses of wine, they poured some cabernet over a bowl of ice cream. Soon everyone was trying it. Today, Mercer’s exports its wine ice cream to 15 countries,” Hilary Clinton confessed.

So here’s the real question on all of your minds; can I get drunk from said wine ice cream? You most certainly can. Mercer’s wine-infused ice cream contains 5-10 per cent alcohol. Their flavors such as Red Raspberry Chardonnay and Chocolate Cabernet have been causing a nation-wide phenomenon. Don’t miss out on your chance to try the cocktail of the season this summer! 

Photo via Mercer's Wine Ice Cream FB Page
Photo via Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream FB Page
Photo via Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream FB Page