Why You Need to Hit Up a Marlins Game This Summer

Sport aficionados will tell you they don’t need much to enjoy a great ball game; good friends, upbeat atmosphere and food and drinks are all they need to watch their favorite team beat another major in the league. Situated a short two miles from Downtown Miami comes the home of the Miami MarlinsMarlins Park offers all these essential amenities and more for guest to watch the game in style.
Stanton is back! After a few seasons being down for the count with various injuries, the heavy hitter is back and getting in the game on track for over 60 home runs this season. If he does, he’ll be the first player to reach this number in over 14 years. Critics have said he is not only “good” at baseball but he “abuses” it with his talent — averaging 97.5 MPH off the bat when nobody else in the league has a percentage above 94. Reading Stanton’s stats is one thing but watching him hit the ball at velocity speed in person is priceless.
2. The Clevelander: 
The Clevelander brought over a little bit of South Beach to Marlins Park by the unveiling of their iconic Clevelander Pool. Drink and eat in style with DJ’s, dancers and stilt walkers, enjoy of its art-deco inspired decor and take a dip in the pool or order the killer Famous Frozen and forever change the way you watch baseball.
3. The Food:
With a little something to accommodate almost any food craving fans might have, there’s a wide variety of food options for fans to indulge in. While highlighting the best of Latin American foods, various stands throughout the Park will feature cuisine from the visiting team’s home state. Download MLB’s Ballpark App to order and pay from the comfort of your seat, then wait for the text update and pick up your food in an express line.
4. Private Suites
Enjoy of the upscale contemporary furnishing, 5 star quality food and beverage options with personalized service in the Founders and Lexus Legends Suite ($2970-$3300) while indulging in the adrenaline rush of watching the Marlins play against others in the league.