Is This Mini Vision The Future Of Self-Driving Cars?


Welcome to the future. A world where your car will drive you… if you want it to. The Mini Vision Next 100 is a concept car that paints a pretty interesting picture for the future of the auto industry.

In theory, the inside and outside of the car would be totally customizable. The car’s encasing would be made of a silver material that can display a selection of colors and patterns. The light colors in the interior can also change. These won’t be the only features tailored to your preferences. Gone are the days when your car GPS would give you the wrong places to go. The Mini Vision Next 100’s computerized persona will go above and beyond to suggest events, restaurants, landmarks, and other specific destinations to you. This is on top of your ability to select personalized entertainment and driving settings.

Even the way you drive will be totally customizable. While it does have a steering wheel, you don’t even have to use it if you don’t want to. That’s right, the Mini Vision Next 100 is a driverless car. If you do want to drive, or someone else in your tricked-out Mini wants to give it a spin, you can slide the steering wheel on a track so that the person in the passenger seat can also take the wheel.

This modernistic Mini will be more more similar in size to the classic, and much smaller Mini Coopers. Similar to its older models, the new mini might bring back the signature bench seat in the back.

Let’s just say a future with the Mini Vision Next 100, is definitely one we want to be a part of.

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