Haute 100 Update: Robert Zarco Appointed To Jackson Health Board


Robert Zarco

Haute 100’s Robert Zarco, founding partner of esteemed law firm Zarco Einhorn Salkowski & Brito P.A was appointed to the prestigious governing board of Jackson Health by Miami-Dade commissioners. Following the commissioner’s prompt and unanimous decision to waive authority over profits and impose unfunded mandates on the taxpayer owned health care provider, Zarco was appointed to the seven-member governing ​B​oard​ of Trustees​ for a two-year serving term.

“Becoming a member of the Public Health Board of Trustees allows me to give back to the community that I am so thankful for having helped me build such a successful career,” Zarco said.

Son of Cuban immigrants who came to the States with little to none, it is his easy going and charming self determination that has helped him become one of the finest in the industry.

With a pristine and strong background in the legal and business field and an affiliation to academia — current member of the Board of Trustees at The University of Maryland, Commencement Speaker at Florida International University and member of Harvard’s Admissions Committee — Zarco plans to further expand his exposure in other areas and industries, including now Public Administration in the Health and Medical fields.

Furthermore, Zarco discusses what he hopes to contribute as the newest member of Jackson Health’s Board of Trustees.

“I want to create in the minds of our community that Jackson Health shall not be limited to being a hospital of last resort for the indigent and less fortunate, but rather a hospital of choice for all socioeconomic and diverse demographic populations while expanding its reach through satellite locations throughout our entire South Florida community.”

Joining Zarco on the governing board are William “Bill” Hefferman and Irene Lipof, both reappointed members, and newcomer Albert Dotson.