Haute 100: An Uber Exclusive Serena Williams Documentary Is Coming Your Way

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While Serena Williams may not have performed as she would have hoped, leading to a win, at the French Open, the tennis star continues to thrive in other aspects of her career. Williams recently celebrated the premiere of her new documentary that will soon air on EPIX.

The documentary will give Williams’ fans and tennis players access inside the world of the athlete-designer-businesswoman, including day-in-the-life interactions with her family and friends, plus her most trusted colleagues and fiercest competitors. As stated by the network, the documentary, which is shot verité style, explores the pressures that come with being number one in the world, and Williams’ unflinching commitment and drive to succeed, ultimately emphasizing the humanity under all of her accomplishments.

In a statement, Mark S. Greenberg, President and CEO of EPIX, said, “Serena is a personal journey during which we are privileged to follow one woman’s incredible march to achieve a level of greatness that so few tennis players have achieved in the history of the sport. The film presents us with a captivating vision of this world-class athlete while offering the viewer rare insight into what makes Serena Williams the person she is beyond the court. Serena transcends the world of tennis and is sure to fascinate viewers across the country.”

Ryan White, who directed the documentary, reaffirmed Greenberg’s statements regarding what makes Williams who she is beyond the court at the premiere. At a Q&A after the Cinema Society screening with Williams, which was moderated by Gayle King, White said, “What I realized right away is that there is a completely different Serena off the court that’s almost polar opposite from what you would expect. She’s youthful. She’s infectious. There’s a lot of fun in Serena’s life.”

The documentary is produced by Matthew Goldberg and Brandon Carroll – Film 45, with Peter Berg as the executive producer. The documentary will air Wednesday, June 22nd on EPIX.

Featured photo via Instagram