Another Day, Another City: A Day in the Life of Jencarlos Canela

Photo Credit: Michael Becker/FOX

Latin heartthrob Jencarlos Canela is a man of many talents—as an international platinum-selling recording artist, songwriter and, most recently, television actor—the young star keeps busy traveling between Miami and L.A. Somewhat of a night owl, you can often find Jencarlos grinding in the studio until the early morning hours, ensuring that his final product comes out perfectly. The pop star recently debuted his hit single, “Baby,” and starred on Telenovela with Eva Longoria and a two-hour live music event, The Passion, which was hosted and narrated by Tyler Perry. As Jencarlos transitions between musician and actor and adjusting to a new Hollywood lifestyle, he continues to work tirelessly to achieve success. Here’s what a day in the life of Jencarlos looks like when he’s jet-setting and getting ready to do what he does best—performing in front of a large crowd in the iconic Big Apple.

4:30 AM – I wake up early so I can eat before getting on my flight so I don’t have to eat food on the plane. I’ll make a big breakfast that usually consists of oatmeal, six egg whites with turkey and vegetables, and lots of water.

5:30 AM – I get picked up by my car to take me to the airport.

7:30 AM – On my flight, I’ll put on my headphones to listen to some mixes. I also like to write on planes. I love writing scripts for movies and shows, so sometimes I’ll look over and revise those. I also catch up with emails. Right now we are doing an English and Spanish album with Republic Records [and] Universal Music Latino, so there is a lot of business to keep up with.

10:30 AM –When I land, my car will take me over to the hotel. From the first car ride, I am already starting interviews. I get along tremendously with the people over at Spotify, so we’ll usually go over to their building and fit in a few listening sessions. We love to involve platforms like this when choosing a new single. And I have to fit in the occasional selfie. My social media manager makes sure I keep up with posting those.

12:30 PM – In the early afternoon we do sound check and get the whole show ready. I’m very hands-on with that. In my day-to-day life I am very relaxed, but when it comes to work, I am a perfectionist. My band probably hates me by the end of sound check because we will be in there for hours making sure every detail is just right.

4:00 PM – After sound check we have a late lunch and go back to the hotel.

5:00 PM – When I get to the hotel, I like to close myself off from the world for a few hours. I have this thing where I turn the hotel bathroom into my own personal steam room by putting a towel under the door and putting the shower to the hottest temperature and letting the room steam up. This helps me purify and relax to prepare for my shows. Afterwards, I always feel like I just woke up and can start fresh.

7:00 PM – My stylist arrives to the hotel and we figure out wardrobe.

8:00 PM – I get picked up to go to the venue. We’ll immediately go backstage where everyone is just having a good time. We go over the set list and make some social media videos. Then we have this sort of ritual where we all come together before the show to remind ourselves of how lucky we are to represent some of the few people that are blessed to be able to do what they love.

9:30 PM – The show starts. When we go out there, that two hours of music is all about having fun and making people feel something. We want our fans to have an experience and to be inspired, just as I was when I saw some of my heroes perform. I think it is so powerful to see someone enjoying what they do to the fullest and watching them come to life; in those moments, you really see what living is. We love to just have fun while we are performing.

11:30 PM – After the show ends, we always get food—and a lot of it! Following my last show in the Dominican Republic, I ate four lobsters, two plates of vegetables and two desserts. We really work up an appetite during our shows.

12:30 AM – We’ll normally continue the party and have some drinks with friends. My go-to is either vodka-soda if I’m trying to be healthy, or my personal favorite, whiskey with coconut water [if you’ve never had it I highly suggest trying it]. We’ll normally have an after-party unless I’m in a city with another artist I love; in that case, I’ll go to the studio with them and stay there until morning.