Learn Why The Stylish BeoPlay A2 Is A Must-Have Bluetooth Speaker

When it comes to bluetooth speakers, there’s a flood of choices on the market, but few are as visually interesting as the BeoPlay A2, a device we’d proudly display on our mantel. Sadly, when it comes to audio devices, looks aren’t everything.  So does the sound quality of the BeoPlay match its superb sense of style?

We spent a few weeks with the BeoPlay A2, took it to the park, grooved with it in our homes, let it croon while we entertained guests, and we came away truly impressed. It’s truly a great, premium bluetooth speaker.

The BeoPlay A2 in green

As mentioned, the first thing that one notices about the B&O Play A2 are its exquisite looks. The elegantly designed speaker features nicely rounded edges and swooping curves, making it extremely easy on the eyes. The green model we previewed features a tan leather strap tat adds a nice touch of sophistication and utility, allowing the user to hang it out of the way, but never out of sight. BeoPlay’s smart little logo sits on the top of the speaker in a way that doesn’t distract from its clean design. The device itself is crafted out of smooth metal and feels solidly built, but not heavy. At just under two and a half pounds, it’s easy to carry from place to place — a must for this type of device.

Connecting your phone, tablet or laptop to the A2 is simple and quick, and the speaker communicates with the user with a series of pleasant beeps. Once connected, the volume of your audio can be controlled via your device or the speaker thanks to two volume buttons.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 4.14.40 PM

The most important about an audio device is its sound, and the A2 certainly delivers on that front. The speaker pumps out a sweet, bassy, and full -bodied sound that can easily fill a room for a party or get together. Pleasantly clear at every volume, the A2 plays music with minimal distortion. The speaker was able to handle just about every style of music we through at it, from the mellow jazz horns of John Coltrane to the crunchy guitar riffs of Nirvana.

All in all, every aspect of the BeoPlay A2 seems knowingly crafted to deliver an exceptional listening experience. It’s a beautifully designed device that also delivers amazing sound. It’s truly a pleasure on the eyes and the ears.