Missoni Partners with Malibu Sandals on Modern Huaraches

59 - Malibu Sandals - Hi Res


Missoni, a high-end Italian fashion brand and Malibu Sandals, which makes modern Huarache sandals worn predominantly by surfers, couldn’t seem like a less likely pairing. But the two brands have come together for a mens shoe that can only be described as haute.

The collaboration, a line of sandals, is modern, colorful and unique and must be worn by a man whose isn’t afraid to make bold fashion choices (we feel like the sandals would be something Owen Wilson might wear): think SoCal with some fashion sensibility. 

Malibu supplied the sandal designs and production, while Missoni directed the colorful aesthetics and material selections, resulting in a line of sandals with six integrated colors, adding a coveted ethnic touch to Missoni’s Men’s collection. The sandals were showcased in 23 looks on the runway during the S/S16 fashion show in Milan.

Malibu’s handmade sandals, approved by PETA, are made of PU synthetic ‘leather’ and nylon, with a water-based glue. Every pair of Malibu Sandals are inspired by the ancient craft of Mexican huarache footwear, reimagined and designed in Southern California.

Malibu’s decision to avoid working with any animal by-product is consistent with their support of the California Wildlife Center and their mission to “Be Kind to Animals. Don’t Wear Them.” A percentage of the proceeds from the sales of all Malibu Sandals will go directly to benefit the California Wildlife Center.

Features of the collaborative shoe include: comfortable cushioned three piece outsoles; classic hand-woven 5-strap designs; vegan-leather uppers; 100% water friendly materials; Malibu Sandals’ signature M-Grip outsoles; anatomically correct ultra-soft foot beds and authorized PETA vegan badges.

A brace bar provides toes with a raised rail for ideal gripping action and custom fit; heightened edging is consistent from front to back and along the medial and lateral sidewalls—the elevated edge acts as a guardrail providing extra toe protection; sculpted arch support creates stable reinforcement and the Caldera heel has a deep basin for ultimate comfort.

The shoes retail for $150 and are sold on MalibuSandals.com.