Four Miami Fashion Designers Fit For The Oscars’ Red Carpet

Deborah Norville wears Rene Ruiz on the Red Carpet
Deborah Norville wears Rene Ruiz on the Red Carpet

The Oscars might be film’s biggest night, but they’re also the most important evening for designers.  Just like the Academy Awards prestigious name, the red carpet is the most pivotal moment of the Awards Season.  Among names such as, Versace and Oscar de la Renta, the Oscars red carpet shines every year with celebrities clad in beautifully unique gowns.  With the 88th annual Academy Awards right around the corner, we are on the edge of our seats waiting to see what celebrities will be sporting this year.

Considering we are in Miami, we are sharing four Miami designers fit for The Oscars Red Carpet.  Rene Ruiz, Julian Chang, Lisu Vega, & Gustavo Cadile are Miami fashion designers that rule the runway and the red carpet.

Rene Ruiz
Rene Ruiz

Rene Ruiz is a Cuban-Miami based designer who is no stranger to the red carpet.  He became the go-to designer in the 90s after he opened his first atelier in Coral Gables.  He uses only high-quality fabrics and follows his garments from start to finish, from creation to tailoring.  Ruiz focuses on making sure his gowns fit and are tailored amazing.

“The more couture details in the gown for a red carpet moment that is what is the most important thing,” he explained to Haute Living. “The placement of the seams and the construction of the gown is what makes the gown red carpet ready.”  In March of 2014, his champagne, beaded dress was worn by Inside Edition‘s Deborah Norville at the 2014 Academy Awards.  Ruiz has some Oscar predictions that he shared with us.  “I think we are going to see a lot of embroidered work, three-dimensional pieces that are elaborate.  I just saw the collections from Alberta Ferretti, and some of the couture designers like Elie Saab. I saw a lot of fabric that has more than one dimension to it,” said Ruiz.

Julian Chang

Julian Chang is a Peruvian, Miami-based designer who makes his clothing in Miami.  His collections feature pieces that include custom-made bridal wear, evening wear, and Ready-to-Wear.  He primarily offers contemporary Ready to Wear designs that are fit for a Hollywood red carpet.

Lisu Vega

Venezuelan, Miami-born designer and artist, Lisu Vega, uses vibrant colors that represent the culture of her hometown. This self-taught designer’s collections represent luxury and functionality. As a designer, she isn’t afraid of going out of the box with tribal prints, Japanese silhouettes, and geometric forms.  Her line is 100% made in Miami with organic textiles.

Gustavo Cadile
Gustavo Cadile

The Argentinian, Miami designer, Gustavo Cadile, is a self-made fashion designer.  In 2007, he moved from Miami to New York City, where he currently resides.  20 years ago, Cadile launched his career and made quite a name for himself. Celebrities flock to his designs for red carpet events such as, Reese Witherspoon and Guiliana Rancic. Cadile’s collection is heavily inspired by the Mediterranean and St. Tropez. He has a love for color that sets him apart from other designers. Eva Longoria is a long time wearer of his designs considering that he thinks heavily on Latin women when designing.

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