A Celebration Of Art With Adrien Brody

Photography by Mark Squires | Styling by Cristina Ehrlich | Grooming by Kumi Craig
Photography by Mark Squires | Styling by Cristina Ehrlich | Grooming by Kumi Craig

“What I love most about painting is the creative autonomy I have, which is not afforded to me as an actor,” explains Brody. Adrien Brody, that is. You probably know the captivating actor from one of his memorable roles as Wladyslaw Szpilman in The Pianist or Dmitri in The Grand Budapest Hotel. What you probably don’t know is that Brody is notable for so much more.

Haute Living sat down with the multi-talented man to uncover his life beyond acting. First and foremost, Adrien Brody is an artist. He is a true individual who puts all of himself into his work. Whether it be losing 31-pounds for his role in The Pianist, or spending years perfecting his paintings, anything the artist touches is a testament to his passion.

His exhibition Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Handguns was his most recent labor of love. The show was Brody’s first ever exhibition and put him on the international radar at this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach 2015. The newcomer’s work was displayed side-by-side with contemporary Spanish artist Domingo Zapata’s creations at Lulu Laboratorium in Wynwood.

While the two may seem an unlikely pairing, their collaborative show was no coincidence. Brody and Zapata are good friends who recently spent time painting together in Spain. It was there when Zapata encouraged the actor to pursue his painting in a bigger way. Only a short while later and the two have had a hit show at one of the most famous art fairs in the world.

Although Brody has seen many levels of success throughout his career, it has never been about the fame or fortune. “Whether I’m a commercial success or not, the fulfillment gained from the creation is what’s important. That, and hopefully, bringing some joy, or laughter, or contemplation to someone,” he tells Haute Living.

This passion and yearning to create something meaningful was evident in his Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Handguns exhibition. His work touched on contemporary issues in mainstream American society. The way we are pushed to crave fast food, how violent video games are affecting young minds, and the ever so relevant issue of gun control were all significant themes in Brody’s work. It came as no surprise that hundreds of people were waiting in line to be part of the December 2nd Basel opening.

Haute Living is proud to present an inside look at our celebration of the Adrien Brody cover and his incredible exhibition. It could not have been done without the incredible Lulu Laboratorium gallery and Hublot Loves Art initiative. Without further to do have a peak into the haute affair from Art Basel Miami 2015:

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