5 Healthful Hints from Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady’s Insane Diet You Need to Know

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“New Year, new me!” – said everyone in the New Year. We promise to eat healthier, hit the gym a little more and try to live better in hopes of shedding the pounds we thoroughly enjoyed gaining over the holidays. However, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s insane diet isn’t for the faint of heart and let’s just say that it might be easier to recite the list of things they do eat than the list of the things they don’t.

Here are 5 healthful hints from a recent interview with Boston.com where the supermodel and NFL quarterback’s personal chef Allen Campbell, dished on what it really takes to maintain the A-listers’ lean physiques.

1 A Plant Based Diet

Allen Campbell, a seasoned chef with stints in the Boston Harbor Hotel and Miami’s own Gansevoort Hotel, believes that plant-based diets have reversing powers and can even prevent disease and he’s not wrong. Plant-based diets have been known to lower body mass index, blood pressure and cholesterol. There are many variations of a plant-based diet, being a vegetarian or going vegan, but for Bündchen and Brady this means large amounts of vegetables and fruits and limited amounts of organic meats and poultry. Campbell says his philosophy on cooking starts in his own life. “I make conscious decisions to buy local and organic, and to stay away from GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), and to think about the future of the planet and the future of humans,” he said.

2 A TON of Veggies But Be Weary of Nightshades

80% of what the couple eats is vegetables and if it’s not organic they don’t eat it. What you might be surprised to find out is that even some veggies are excluded from the diet as well. Brady does not eat nightshades. What are nightshades you ask? Nightshades are a family of plants related to the potato but they also are known to cause inflammation within the body. Other nightshades include eggplants, mushrooms and peppers. Campbell says tomatoes make an appearance on the menu once a month but he is very careful as to how much because of their inflammatory qualities as well.

3 Lean Meats and Whole Grains

The remaining 20% of their diet is lean meats and whole grains. The duo eats mostly grass-fed organic steak, duck and the occasional chicken. When they eat fish, it’s wild salmon. As for their grains the couple enjoys brown rice, quinoa, millet and beans.

4 Cook with Coconut Oil Instead of Olive Oil

Campbell will use raw olive oil but NEVER to cook with. Olive oil and canola oil turn into trans fats or unsaturated fatty acids while in the body. However, he does cook with coconut oil. As for the sodium, he uses Himalayan pink salt, a rock salt mined from the Himalayas. The chef says he never uses iodized salt, your common table salt, which is manufactured salt mixed with other salts from the iodine element.

5 No caffeine…Wait what?

Yes you heard that right, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen are immortal and do not need caffeine. (and yes, that includes coffee!) To add to the list of things they do not consume, there are no fungi, dairy, gluten, white sugar and flour, and monosodium glutamate (MSG), a flavor enhancer used in canned foods and processed meats. “…If you just eat sugar and carbs—which a lot of people do—your body is so acidic, and that causes disease,” he said.
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