Sunday Reads: Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller Rogen Talk Charity


Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller Have made a man out of James Franco.

We mean this in the most literal of senses. On Sat. Oct. 17, the Rogens hosted a very public rite of passage for their pal—one that’s usually reserved for 13-year-old boys: his very own bar mitzvah!

Most Jewish teenagers don’t have the kind of affair Franco, 37, was afforded, but then, most kids don’t have the Rogens orchestrating their coming-of-age do. Most bar mitzvah boys certainly don’t have their bris—a circumcision (albeit a fake one) aired live on Funny or Die, or have Zac Efron posing as the newly-clipped appendage with a blanket around his head. Most teens can’t book Miley Cyrus as their evening’s entertainment—wearing a bodysuit dotted with Stars of David, no less—have their ceremony officiated by a famous rabbi who looks a hell of a lot like Jeff Goldblum, or see Bill Hader’s supreme auctioneer skills in person. They definitely can’t bid serious moolah to score a date with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak or dance the hora to “Hava Nagila”—performed by L.A-based It-band, Haim instead of your mother’s best friend’s son’s typically cheesy bar mitzvah band, that is. And, you certainly don’t see Seth Rogen wearing a yarmulke shaking it to “If I Were a Rich Man” from Fiddler on the Roof on the dance floor on the night you’re becoming a man.

Since all of the above actually happened, what we’re essentially saying is, the Rogens are miracle workers.

Then again, who could doubt this philanthropic super couple—no matter how crazy the request—especially when all of the amazing aforementioned moments took place not just for James Franco, but in the name of charity?

The cause in question—Alzheimer’s—is one that’s personally very important to both of the Rogens.

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