3 Easy Steps To Finding Your Personal Style


As founder and designer of The Tailory New York, I loved that New York Fashion Week was all about spring, but fall is approaching and that means changing your wardrobe once again. Fashion Week dressed the city in an array of fantastic and fantastical style. From the runway of Yves Saint Laurent to the unique styles of the celebrities and fashion enthusiasts who attended, excellent style was prominent.

Many agree that you can identify good style when you see it. But how do you define and find great personal style? The answer can seem muddled and elusive. Here at The Tailory New York, we are here to reveal the secrets to identifying and creating your own personal style.

Personal style is not about following the trends, it is about wearing clothing that you feel the best and most confident in. It should express who you are. We do exactly this by creating custom fit clothing with unique designs for men and women.

We have three basic points to finding your personal style:

  1. Curate a Modular Wardrobe. The pieces in your wardrobe should be tailored to your body and all work together. Think of it as a kaleidoscope where all the pieces are of a common theme and no matter how you arrange them, it will create a look that is specific to your own style.
  2.  Start Simple. To create an outfit, begin by choosing two staple pieces from your wardrobe and build your outfit on top of that.
  3. Accessorize! This is the time to add the details that make your style uniquely you.

Garrett Wexler, the Sales Director here at The Tailory New York, defines personal style as “everyday style.” She believes it is making sure that every piece of clothing in your closet fits well and matches back to everything else. This way no matter what you reach for, it works. Wexler always stresses how important it is to “Buy Better, Buy Less.” Not only does it ensure that everything you wear will be designer, it also impacts the environmental implications on fast fashion. This support of quality fashion stems from knowing clothing brands, which means identifying the brands and styles that work well for you and your body. Do not be afraid to dress up and wear your favorite outfit all of the time. Fashion is fun, so have confidence in what you wear!

Finding your own style can seem daunting, but integrating our style secrets makes it simple. Personal style begins by creating a wardrobe of tailored pieces that work together, then you can start simple and accessorize to create an outfit that shows your personal style. Curating a wardrobe is not a one time occasion but continues from season to season and year to year. We here at The Tailory New York and will stand beside you along the way.

Photo via Shutterstock