London: The World’s Summer Stage For Supercars


When we think of London’s luxury car culture, we imagine a classic Rolls Royce, Bentley or Aston Martin if you will. However to the enjoyment and dismay of many people, the automotive landscape of the city has drastically changed into a runway of expensive exotic cars from around the world.

While in most cities summer means sunglasses and sandals, in London it means a flush of novelty cars. Starting around May and rounding off the season in September, wealthy residents mainly of the Middle East import their cars to flash on London streets. You might be thinking this is a parade of show-offs trying to get their stunning vehicles seen in London, but for the most part you’d be wrong. There is an actual mechanical explanation for why these cars are brought to London.

The average high temperature for an August day in the Middle East is 108 degrees Fahrenheit. These highly detailed and intricate cars cannot withstand the extreme heat and humidity brought on by the region’s climate. In many cases owners can’t even drive their cars in such conditions; and if you’ve got the cash to get the car, you probably have some left over to send it to London for the summer. Many buyers know these cars won’t be able to drive in their native streets, and buy them with the sole purpose of using them in London, or Europe. Alternatively there are also many social reasons why these luxury car owners would want to bring their custom Lamborghinis and Ferraris to London. It’s like what they say about New York, “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.” In London it goes something like “if you have the nicest car here, you have the nicest car anywhere.”

For these wealthy few, London is their stage for the summer. If the cars are not roaring on the streets, they are parked in front of London’s most luxurious hotels. The Dorchester is particularly recognized for their summer car display. This actually draws in many tourists who come to pose in front of the uniquely flashy vehicles. All in all, we love our London with or without these exotic beauties.