Soho House London Opens a New Countryside Location

Once upon a time in a charming house in the countryside, beauty and bliss were abundant. Luckily for us that time is now as Soho House reveals their newest feat Soho Farmhouse.

The 100-acre estate is located a mere hour and a half outside of London. England is known for their beautiful and enchanting countryside. Oxfordshire might just be the most captivating countryside location of them all. It will be the hautest place for a weekend away in all the UK. It is truly a unique new house that provides a different and sought-after escape that many wish they had access to before.

The new Soho Farmhouse boasts an impressive 40 cabins of different sizes, one four-bedroom cottage and a seven-bedroom farmhouse. All of the cabins will be waterfront and located on the properties two lakes. Not too shabby considering all of the extra amenities the Farmhouse has to offer. You can expect access to pools, lakes, horse riding, golf, cycling, tennis, boating and even ice-skating in winter. I almost forget the cinema room and football pitch. It’s everything you’d want in a posh countryside haven. Which is exactly the kind of members it will attract.

A Soho House would not be complete without the ultimate spa and dining facilities. Their Cowshed spa will not only have tailored treatments, it will have it’s own steam and sauna island. The spa encompasses the quiet luxury we look for in a countryside vacation. Their treats are just as satisfying as their treatments as you will also find world-class dining here.

An English countryside getaway is just something that can’t be missed. Now with Soho Farmhouse opening its doors, there is no better way to properly experience it.
Great Tew, Chipping Norton, OX7 4JS, United Kingdom