NYC’s Best Cocktails By Neighborhood

There are so many ways to see the city. Most people opt for a walking tour or big bus. Haute people explore the city one cocktail at a time, so here’s our list of the best cocktail to be found in haute New York neighborhoods.


As one of the trendiest areas in the city you can expect some in style cocktails. Flooded with hip new watering holes, a new cocktail comes up at every corner. However in a neighborhood of new, perhaps the best cocktail belongs to a bar that is old. If you can last in Soho you know you have something special. The Pegu Club considers themselves the “gatekeepers of classic cocktail culture” as it stemmed from a cocktail club formed by Brits in Burma in the 1800s. It only makes sense that you try their signiature Pegu Club cocktail. It has Bitters, Orange bitters, 3/4 oz Orange curaçao, 1 1/2 oz Gin, and 1 Teaspoon Lime juice. It’s now a world famous staple.
77 W Houston St


The Shaman: Pisco Acholado, Salers, Pineapple, Lemon, Cinnamon, and Angostura Bitters
Every nomad needs their shaman to guide them through their spiritual journey. Through libations The Nomad Hotel has created their own spiritual guide, The Shaman cocktail. It consists of Pisco Acholado, Salers, Pineapple, Lemon, Cinnamon and Angostura Bitters. It’s a really complicated way of describing the simple term delicious.
Broadway & 28th St

West Village

This New York neighborhood is best known as a prime dining and shopping location in the city, especially if you’re into unique boutique experiences. As a reflection of the nature of the West Village, we had to pick an interesting yet chic cocktail. The Martinez Cocktail from Employees Only is dangerously delicious, the operative word here being dangerous. It contains Lavender-infused Plymouth Gin stirred with Maraschino Liqueur, Bianco Vermouth & dashes of Absinthe Bitters.
510 Hudson St

Upper West Side

The Upper West Side has gained a reputation for being the city’s cultural and intellectual hub. With this reputation, comes get responsibility, and cocktail menus to match. We’ve decided the fairest cocktail bar in all the Upper West Side is the Manhattan Cricket Club. It almost has a Mad Men type of atmosphere that will leave you feeling classic and cultured. Just like all Mad Men, you need something strong and to the point. The Salt and Pepper Vodka Martini should definitely do the trick.
226 West 79th Street

Upper East Side

Where? Seamstress in the ever-so-sophisticaed Upper East Side. What? A sophisticated Wizz Fizz cocktail comprised of Aviation Gin, Cynar, Vanilla, Lemon, Egg White, Cream, Root Beer. Why? You’ve never tried anything like it before and even if it’s not your thing, you have a list of over 50 other cocktails to chose from. When? As soon as possible.
339 E 75th St

East Village

The East Village is known in particular to be the home of New York’s finest cocktail bars. For our East Village cocktail we had no other choice but to pick one from the world-famous Momofuku venture Booker and Dax. Specifically, their limited edition Thundernut cocktail. It contains pistachio rum, amaro, pineapple and adjusted orange juice. It is a combination after our own hearts. You cannot miss out on this once in a lifetime cocktail.
207 2nd Ave


If you’ve ever conversed with frequent Tribeca drinker, you must’ve heard the words Brandy Library. This is because Tribeca goers and liquor connoisseurs love this place. And if they love this place, there must be some pretty impressive cocktails. Whilst they have an amazing menu of interesting cocktails like their Smokehound with Mezcal, grapefruit juice, and Orange Bitters, we suggest you stick with a classic sip of Brandy. After all, it is what they’re known for.
25 N Moore St


When most people think of Midtown they think tourist central. So what better place to have a speakeasy most tourists wouldn’t know to find? Raines Law Room at The William is a Midtown haven influenced by the prohibition era. Drinkers during prohibition were the pioneers of New York City drinking today. Therefore you must the their Pioneer Spirit cocktail from the ‘Stirred and Strong’ section of their list. A combination of Whiskey, apple Brandy, orgeat almond-based syrup and Angostura bitters. You have to have a strong spirit to drink this one.
24 E 39th St

Lower East Side

The LES is slammed with hipster and artisanal bars. It has become one of the coolest places in the city to grab a cocktail at virtually any time of the day. Although there are many excellent choices in this area we had to go with the Experimental Cocktail Club. It is so good that it has locations in London and Paris. They have the perfect summer cocktail the Bax Beet Yogi. Beet juice, lime juice, yoghurt Mezcal and dried strawberry-infused sweet vermouth complete the drink. It’s magically delicious.
191 Chrystie St


You might not image Chinatown to have carefully crafted cocktails in the midst of millions of dumpling houses. You’d be wrong. Apotheke in Chinatown has drinks as good as the scene, which quite frankly is very trendy and fun. All of their cocktails are prepared with local ingredients and fresh produce with a menu that changes seasonally. Currently you can find concoctions like the Deal Closer with Absolut Vodka, Cucumber, Local Chinatown Aphrodisiacs, Mint, Lime, Agave, and Vanilla Essence.
9 Doyers St #1


A cool and unpretentious hideaway exists in the depths of Noho. Madam Geneva is known for their detail-oriented cocktails, with a specialty on those including Gin. One of their finest creations is the Corpse Reviver No. Spring with Bombay ‘east’, Lillet Blanc, Combier, green juice, lemon, absinthe. You must try it.
4 Bleecker St


This area might be one of the most popular in the city. You have the high line, many of the best nightclubs, Chelsea Market and more. One of the neighborhood’s landmarks is the Standard Hotel. Here you can find drinks and dance in abundance. Our favorite Standard creation is the Standard Hotel Punch Bowl. Trust us, it’s everything you think it is and more.
848 Washington St