Jugofresh’s Raw Juice Ice Cream Hits Coral Gables


The blazing summer heat and a serving of ice cream go hand-in-hand during this time of year in Miami. We all love the frozen treat that is ice cream, however we may not indulge in ice cream as much as we would like due its large amount of processed sugar and calories.

Now, thanks to the popular juicing restaurant, Jugofresh, you don’t have to sacrifice your beach body for a serving of ice cream.

The popular Miami juicery has done what we never thought could be done before: make ice cream healthy. Jugofresh’s Coral Gables location is the first to release its new frozen treat, which they call juicecream.

Juicecream is a mixture of Jugofresh juice, coconut meat, and dates.The vegan ice cream is all natural and has no preservatives, fillers, or binding agents.

As of now, customers can choose from two flavor groups: greens and roots and fruits. For the greens flavor, you can expect celery, kale, apple, green tea, parsley tastes, while with the  roots and fruits flavor, tastes like watermelon, mint, strawberry, honeydew.


Just like the frozen yogurt trend, Jugofresh offers its guests a variety of toppings to decorate their juicecream with. Some of the topping choices include cookie dough, superberry mix, sweet cacao nibs, and fresh fruit including blueberries, pineapple, and strawberries.

All of the toppings guarantee an addition of color and nutritional perks to a cup of juicream. Even the cookie dough topping leaves your frozen treat as healthy as you intended it to be. Jugofresh’s raw cookie dough is made with healthy ingredients, such as oat flour, cashew meal, chocolate chips, water, flax meal, coconut palm sugar, coconut oil, vanilla extract, coconut flour, coconut palm nectar.

Whether it’s by the pool or post-workout, juicecream is the guilt-free frozen treat we all need to keep our cool as we get through the rest of the summer. You’ll have to make the trek as it’s only available at JugoFresh in Coral Gables as of yet.

1430 S Dixie Hwy #112, Coral Gables, FL 33146