Hamptons Salt Company Adds Taste to Your Summer

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If you’re in the Hamptons or plan on visiting very soon, make sure you purchase one (or a few) of the best tasting artisanal sea salts you’ll need for your kitchen.

With the hope to provide his family with an organic alternative to chemical loaded salts, Peter Pierce founded the Hamptons Salt Company.

“As a concerned father, I am cautious about what my family eats and once I began researching salt, I discovered that most of the salt Americans consume is actually nothing more than chemicals. Refined salts are stripped of all natural minerals found in the sea and most contain potentially unhealthy anti-clumping additives,” Pierce said. “I went to our cupboard and got rid of all the refined salts, including my box of kosher salt. This is how Hamptons Salt Company was born and since then, I’ve created an amazing assortment of all natural salts from around the world.”

The company, which is located in Southampton, offers customers a slew of raw salts to choose from. Thanks to Pierce, who sources the earth to offer food connoisseurs options, you can choose from the following raw salts, infused salts and smoked salts.

The 11 raw salts range from $9.99 to $24 and offer flavors like simple cooking salt to Hawaiian Red and Hawaiian Black, which take the minerals of the islands and add texture, flavor, or color to fish, vegetables, and poultry. The Bali Pyramid is the perfect accouterment to bagels, pretzels, or chocolate.

“Everyone should have our Cooking Salt and our Finishing Salt as staples in their pantry,” he noted. “Then you can experiment with one or two of our unique raw, flavored or smoked salts.”

The company offers 13 assortments of infused salts like Espresso, spicy Jalapeno, Wine, Vanilla Bean, sweet Vermont Maple Syrup, and other robust tastes such as Garlic and Rosemary or the delectable Black Truffle. The infused salts range from $21.99 to $29.99.

Of the smoked salts, there are five varieties priced between $21.99 to $24.99.  Try the Smoked Applewood, Bacon, Chardonnay Oak, Hickory, or Mesquite.

When asked what are the bestsellers, Pierced said, “The Black Truffle Salt is our most popular.  It has a large visible chunks of truffles and the aroma is amazing as soon as you open the jar. It is followed by our new Finishing Salt.  I created this blend using some of the finest salts from the UK, France and the Mediterranean.  It has beautiful white flakes that make it the perfect salt to finish almost any dish.”

As for the family’s favorite, “My children love the Black Truffle on scrambled eggs.  Before I started Hamptons Salt, I used to have fight with my daughter to eat eggs in the morning.  They also love the Vermont Maple Syrup in Mashed Potatoes. This week, I made seared scallops with our Vanilla Salt and wild Sockeye salmon with our Smoked Chardonnay Oak that were both delicious. You can see photos on our Instagram, Twitter or Facebook pages. They provide great inspiration on how to use our salts!”

Hamptons Salt Company is located at 53 Hill Street Southampton, N.Y., 11968

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