Call On Fashion Ambulance To Clean Emergencies in The Hamptons

Madame Paulette Fashion Ambulance

You’re all dolled up and Uber is on its way. While you wait, you decide to snack or have a glass of wine. Oopsie! And that glass of wine becomes part of your ensemble. Crunched for time, you find yourself searching through your closet for something else to wear. Instead of looking for a completely new outfit, call upon Madame Paulette.

Madame Paulette is a third generation family-owned business, which has been recognized as the world’s renowned leader and pioneer in the luxury dry cleaning industry. The company offers couture cleaning, alteration and restoration available via its Mercedes Sprinter Benz “Fashion Ambulance.”

“The Fashion Ambulance is fully equipped with a dressing room, tailoring station, pressing station and a spotting station with a lounge area where you can sip champagne or rose while skilled artisans perform any types of service needed from cleaning, pressing to, spot removal and tailoring on location or at your home and/or boutique” said John Mahdessian, owner of Madame Paulette. “We bring expertise to your doorstep to provide the most efficient and effective services.”

More importantly, for those experiencing fashion mishaps, the Fashion Ambulance is hitting the road every weekend in the Hamptons through Labor Day catering to all style emergencies. From a bad fit to spills, stains, rips or unravellings, Madame Paulette’s Fashion Ambulance is a phone call away.

When asked what inspired him to create the fashion crisis saver, Mahdessian said, “It was specifically during New York Fashion Week where we would be inundated with last-minute fashion emergencies including tailoring, spot removal and cleaning of garments. It was this that inspired me to make our services even more convenient and user friendly. The demand exists on a seasonal basis in the Hamptons and we decided to deploy our Fashion Ambulance there on a regular basis throughout the summer to service boutiques, private clients, and big companies for any of their cleaning, tailoring or pressing needs including full interior cleaning of entire estates, restaurants and hotels.”

In addition, the Fashion Ambulance is available to help you with in-home cleaning emergencies before or after the party, along with comprehensive dust and allergen removal.

Madame Paulette offers free pick-up and delivery throughout New York City, as well as nation and worldwide shipping.