Attention Joggers: 5 Most Scenic Runs in NYC

It’s of many opinions that you should always take the scenic route. So if you’re going to get yourself out and take a jog in the city, you might as well take a route that’s pretty.

Hudson River Park – 7.2 miles
There is a certain energy you get from running in between the water and the city. The Hudson River Park route is perfectly placed along the Hudson River and the west side of Manhattan. The run spans from Battery Park all the way to 181st Street, if you make it that far. It is a nice long route for those who like a distance. You will have amenities along the way from water fountains to restrooms that makes this the ideal route for serious runners.

Williamsburg Bridge – 1.4 miles
Whilst this may not be the longest jog in the world, it is one of the most scenic. The route from Manhattan to Williamsburg via the Williamsburg Bridge is a journey from city over ocean and ending at a more tranquil counterpart. You will have panoramic views of Manhattan and Brooklyn to keep you going on your run. The floor will be paved with inspirational, and not-so-inspirational graffiti and you’ll be sure to stop for a few Instagram shots along the way. You can always extend the route and venture into the hip Williamsburg neighborhood.

Prospect Park – 3 miles
If you’re overwhelmed by Central Park or routes that might see traffic, Prospect Park is your secret scenic choice. It has hills to challenge you and many different routes for those who want to decide how long their run will be on the go. It’s a quiet, peaceful decision made for runners who want to clear their head and focus on their feet.

Central Park Loop – 6 miles
If you like to run in good company, the Central Park Loop is for you. Some people need the presence of others to motivate them on their route. Here you will not be short of motivation. The loop is filled with runners, bikers, walkers and everything in between. Put these beautiful athletically inclined people against the backdrop of Central Park and you’ve got yourself the scenic route.

The Fiver Bridges Run – 16.68 miles
This run is only for serious athletes and scenic route seekers. You will probably have to prepare for this one, as it is one adventure that isn’t for the faint hearted. This route crosses three boroughs and takes you pretty much everywhere. You will cross the 59th St bridge, Pulaski Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge and finally the Brooklyn Bridge. This route will take you the whole day and is a bit complex, perhaps it is best to take a buddy or go early. There is nothing you won’t see on this scenic route.