6 of Britain’s Favorite Foods and Why You Should Try Them

England doesn’t always get the best rep for it’s culinary efforts. There are some beautiful British traditional treats that are definitely worth giving a shot. Here are the six most British delicacies, why you should try them and where you can find them.

A pub would not be complete without Pimm’s. England would not be complete without pubs. It’s a beautiful cycle. This liqueur was first produced in 1823 by James Pimm and now is a sort of British sangria if you will. There is no shortage of the drink anywhere in the country. Here is the perfect Pimm’s recipe to try at home.

Traditional Pimms No.1
1 slice per person of; orange, lemon, apple, cucumber
1 sprig of mint
2 parts lemonade to 1 part Pimms

Sunday Roast
Sunday dinners are a tradition for many cultures around the world. Sunday roast however, is unique to the beautiful citizens of Britain. It consists of roasted meat, roast potato, Yorkshire puddings, vegetables and other lovely sides. For an authentic roast experience, head to the Duke of Wellington in Marylebone. Delicious eats the proper British way.

Afternoon Tea
When people think of England, they think of tea. It’s just natural. The tradition was started Ana, the seventh Duchess of Bedford who decided that there was simply too much time between lunch and dinner. Thank god for Ana. Now every day Brits everywhere take a break in the afternoon to enjoy a cup of tea and various other treats. If you’re going to do teatime, you should do it right. The mother of all tea times is certainly tea at The Ritz. It’s a must try.
150 Picadilly

Fish and Chips
There is something so right about good a fish and chips. Even Churchill famously called the dish “the good companions.’ They really are just perfect together. In 2013 BBC claimed that more than 229 million portions of fish and chips are sold each year. There are debates on who the first chippie was, but there are plenty to be found on every street now. For over 100 years the Golden Hind in Marylebone has been serving up the English delicacy. You might want to try it out there.
73 Marylebone Ln

English Breakfast
Sausage, eggs, baked beans, bacon and toast usually comprise what is famously known as an English breakfast. There is an endless amount of places one can try this morning meal. It is served at virtually any pub and British restaurant you can find. One worth trying is the Smiths of Smithfield. They bring in freshly sliced bacon and sausage from an eight-generation butcher every morning. It is one of the best English breakfasts in the city.
67-77 Charterhouse St

Sticky Toffee Pudding

British eats aren’t as internationally accepted as they should be. Take the sticky toffee pudding for example. It is DELICIOUS. It is a steamed dessert made up of a very moist cake, chopped dates, covered in toffee sauce and served with a vanilla custard or ice cream. You can’t argue with that. The home of the sticky toffee pudding can be found outside of London at the Cartmel Village Shop. It is way worth the trip for this delicious treat.
Cartmel Village Shop, Parkgate House