Getting Married? 5 Haute Tips for Summer Brides


It’s wedding season. While you’ve decided on a venue, the dress is picked out and the party has been planned, there’s still a number of things to know before you say “I do.” Luckily, we have rounded up tips from members of The Chosen Few, an elite society for event professionals created by Harriette Rose Katz, to provide last minute advice for June brides.

Don’t Be Late 
“Best tip I can give brides is to be ready on time.  There is nothing that makes a brides more anxious on her wedding day, then realizing she’s running late.  Then she’s suddenly gets the fact that she hasn’t given herself, her groom, the families and her photographer the time they all deserve to create and capture beautiful images of the surrounding area and venue the bride spent so much time choosing.”   Frank Ammaccapane from Natural Expressions NY

The Little Things Count
“Buy two pairs of shoes – one in your actual size, and one half a size up, because your feet will swell. Make sure you have a small clutch at your table so you can touch up your lipstick. Stick together with your Groom during the reception and try to pay a visit to each table, this makes it easier for both of you to spend a little time with each of your guests.” Diane Bienstock Setchen founder of Fancy That NYC

It’s All in the Smile
“This shouldn’t be too hard on your wedding day – smile a lot even when you don’t feel like it as it will make your photographer and videographer’s lives so much easier.  You’ll like your photos and video so much more if you’re looking as happy as you actually were.  Here’s an industry secret: Getting ready is your photographer and videographers favorite part of the day to shoot. So much excitement and love in the room. So, make sure there’s plenty of natural light where you get ready. It’ll help make the visual magic happen!  Also, you like candids and we like candids. So, just be your happy self and ignore us!  We won’t be offended. Just have fun and we’ll capture it. Best thing is if you don’t even remember we were there!”  Jesse Hartman, Founder of Hart Pictures

Thank You Says It Best
“A very important last minute tip for the bride, order extra blank escort cards and place cards to have on hand at the wedding in case there are seating changes or cancellations. Monogrammed napkins are a beautiful way to personalize your cocktail hour.  In addition to your custom napkins, ensure that the venue has enough white cocktail napkins on-hand incase yours run out.  Thank you notes should be ordered at the same time as the invitations. It will be one thing less to worry about when the couple comes back from their honeymoon. Also, order an additional set of all your wedding stationery so that you create a beautiful box of everlasting memories.” Steve Paster and Laura Leigh of Alpine Creative Group

Smells Like Nostalgia
“Don’t forget to hold the bouquet in a relaxed natural way at hip height – not clutched to your chest.  And more importantly, smell your bouquet right before you walk down the aisle so that for the rest of your life when you smell those same flowers you will be transported back to your wedding day.” DeJuan Stroud founder of  DeJuan Stroud Inc.

(Photo via Shutterstock)