7 Tips From Mindy Weiss on How to Have a Memorable Wedding

Mindy Weiss
Mindy Weiss

Photo Credit: Jay Lawrence Goldman Photography

As one of the most recognizable celebrity wedding and event planners in Hollywood, Mindy Weiss knows that every detail is imperative. This is partially why Weiss, a woman who counts Ellen DeGeneres and Jessica Simpson among her many famous clients, partnered with Wedding Paper Divas on an exclusive wedding invitation and stationery collection. “We have been hard at work on this collaboration, and I am so excited to share what we’ve created!” says Weiss. She adds, “The intent behind this collection was to create an affordable yet accessible wedding stationery line that was inspired by all of the latest trends. This line will allow me to help create the perfect day for so many more fabulous couples. From vibrant color blocking to delicate pale pinks and gold foil, our wedding collection touches it all!” Here, Weiss chats about her new collaboration, her favorite wedding venues in Los Angeles, her top three rules for every bride, and shares a look at some of her fabulous new designs.

Natural lattice
Natural lattice
Modern Splendor invitation
Modern Splendor invitation


How did the collaboration with Wedding Paper Divas come about?

I was hoping to find a fabulous invitation company to collaborate with. I can’t even believe that I’m lucky enough to be part of a wonderful group of creative friends in my industry.

What are your favorite pieces from the collection and why?

That’s a hard question as I truly put a lot of heart and thought into each collection. I love them all, but am very excited about Modern Splendor and Simple Allure. They are both modern, current and the color combinations are brilliant!

What are a few of your favorite wedding venues in LA?

I love Gulls Way in Malibu, Hotel Bel Air, Carondelet House and Lombardi House

What are three wedding rules that every bride must abide by?

  1. Don’t plan your whole wedding the week you get engaged
  2. Figure out your budget and priorities before you start looking at venues
  3. Keep your eye on the “I Do” – all the wonderful details are important but the vows are the reason you are there!
Fanciful Fronds
Fanciful Fronds


Which of the weddings that you’ve done in recent years has among your most memorable and why?

Each of my events all have a memorable moment…I designed a beautiful modern wedding a few months ago. We mixed 7 different light fixtures over the guest seating. I loved Jessica Simpsons wedding last summer using the movie Great Expectations as inspiration. Her sister Ashlee got married 6 weeks later and we created a bohemian experience.

What is your motto for life?

1. Be impeccable with your word

2. Don’t assume anything

3. Don’t take it personally

4. Always do your best

What is your motto for party planning?

“There’s no crying in party planning!”