Wedding Etiquette: 5 Haute Tips On How To Be An Awesome Wedding Guest

wedding reception

It is officially wedding season! Bring on the champagne, appropriately dressed attire and happy tears. However, there is more to attending a wedding than simply showing up. Acting the part of a gracious guest is your responsibility. Here’s five ways you can be a courteous wedding guest.

Wedding Invitations
Traditionally speaking, wedding invitations are mailed out six to eight weeks in advance. This gives prospective guests an opportunity to get their affairs in order. Once you’ve received your wedding invitation, you should decide if you are able to attend the wedding and respond to the R.S.V.P. Do not allow the invite to get lost in the pile of letters and paperwork on your countertop, desk or coffee table.

If you have to cancel, let the couple know you will not be able to attend in advance. If the invite does not specifically state “and Guest,” it is safe to assume you are not allowed to bring a date. Also, if children are invited the wedding invitation will specify.

Handle the Venue With Care
Do the bride and groom a favor and handle the venue with care. No one wants to pay an additional fee for damaged property. More importantly, treating the venue kindly will ensure the couple receives their security deposit.

Be Respectful of the Couples’ Special Day
In today’s digital era, more and more couples are creating a special hashtag for their friends and family to share moments on social media. However, one should handle social media posting with tact. Be present during the ceremony. Do not distract the bride and groom by having your mobile devices in the air in hopes to capture every moment. That is what the photographer and videographer are for. Save your photo opts until the reception, when it’s more appropriate. Conversely, if the couple asks guest to not share any of their intimate moments on social media, be respectful and obey their request.

While you have up to a year after the wedding to send your gift, it’s best to send it prior to the ceremony. Mail the gifts to the address listed on the registry. You’ll be doing the bride and groom a huge favor by not having to worry about security as well as getting the gifts home.

Arrive On Time
Last, but certainly not least: arrive on time. If an incident occurs that prevent you from being timely, wait until the ceremony is over and join the celebration at the reception.

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