Dubai Top 5: Luxe Ramadan Must-Haves

vimto ramadan

Ramadan is a time for celebration, celebration brings with it gifts and ritzy parties where having the newest and most fashionable attire and accessories is a must. We’re not even a week into the Holy Month yet, so there’s still time to get your hands on these exclusive Ramadan offerings.

  1. Personalized Vimto Bottles

vimto ramadan
A MyVimto personalized bottle makes an excellent Ramadan gift or a unique conversation piece.

Photo Credit: Dubai PR Network

Perhaps the hottest gift for Ramadan this year is a personalized MyVimto bottle. Nothing says luxury like a custom-made bottle of Vimto. The traditional beverage maker teamed up with Bloomingdale’s Dubai in honor of Ramadan this year to offer the limited edition bottles for the first time ever. The bottles can be purchased exclusively at Bloomingdale’s through July 30.

Acquiring this unique gift is quite simply; merely visit the Vimto customization station in the Bloomingdale’s Home store at the Dubai Mall on the lower ground floor. You can put any name on the label of the bottle, and Vimto will package it in a stunning limited edition gold and burgundy gift box.

  1. Robert Wan’s Limited Edition Ramadan Collection


ramadan jewelry
Robert Wan’s exclusive Mibahas collection for Ramadan features rubies, diamonds and emeralds.
ramadan jewelry
You can find Robert Wan’s newest Ramadan collection at Bloomingdale’s.

Photo Credit: Robert Wan/ The NationalPhoto Credit: Robert Wan/ The National

Several haute jewelry designers like Robert Wan are launching exclusive limited-edition Ramadan pieces for the holiday. The Robert Wan brand is offering its Mibahas line solely for Ramadan, and it features six exquisite pieces with Tahitian mother-of-pearl accented with rubies, emeralds and diamonds. Each strand contains 33 pearls.

Robert Wan’s limited-edition Mibahas line is available exclusively at Bloomingdale’s and Harvey Nichols in Dubai and Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi.

  1. Effa’s Pearl-Inspired Ramadan Collection


ramadan fashion
Be the best-dressed belle at the ball with Effa’s pearl-inspired Ramadan collection.

Photo Credit: Effa/ The Fashion Orientalist

Dubai-based fashion designer Effa Al Dabbagh has launched a new line of abayas and kaftans inspired by pearls just for Ramadan. The Effa brand releases two collections per season: one abaya couture line and one ready-to-wear evening wear line. The designer is heavily influenced by the Italian and French brands she worked for previously.

Effa’s Pearlesque collection can be found in the brand’s boutique inside the Palm Strip Mall on Jumeirah Beach Road in Dubai.

  1. I-Dia’s Fine Jewelry Perfume Bottles

ramadan jewelry
Take your favorite perfume with you in these stunning tiny perfume bottles which make for a unique accessory.

Photo Credit: I-Dia/ The National

I-Dia just launched two fine jewelry perfume bottles at S*uce Boutique. Both tiny perfume bottles are diamond-studded necklaces in addition to being perfume bottles. The bottles sit inside stunning 18-karat gold casings. The design of one of the pieces is the Hand of Fatimah, while the design of the other is a heart. The bottle stopper is also ornately designed to make the pieces an eye-catching accessory.

  1. Ramadan Fragrances: Bramble’s Loud or Amouage’s Opus IX


ramadan fragrance
Bramble owner Mohammed Obaid launched a special fragrance for Ramadan 2015.

Photo Credit: Bramble/ The National

When you’re all dressed up for that special Iftar gathering, don’t forget your perfume. Several high-end fragrance brands have released fragrances solely for Ramadan. Bramble, which is based in the UAE, has launched the unisex fragrance Loud. It features sandalwood, citrus and musk notes around a core fragrance of agar wood.

Those in search of a more romantic fragrance might consider Opus IX from Amouage. Verdi’s La Traviata inspired the fragrance, which combines jasmine with civet, grey amber, beeswax and black pepper.