Take a Better Selfie With the New Leather LG G4


LG Electronics Inc. has unveiled its new flagship smartphone and it is bound in genuine craft leather.

The LG G4 has a removable back panel that was crafted in genuine leather. It comes in an assortment of colors as well as textures. The stitched leather over plastic comes in light blue, black, tannish brown, ivory, yellow and burgundy. The texture varies from smooth to a pebbled finish. The new aesthetics give it more of a luxury feel compared to its competitors.


If you’re not too keen on a leather phone, you can opt to purchase either a ceramic or metallic back panel.

In a statement made at the LG G4 launch event in New York City, President and CEO Juno Cho said, ““Now every phone looks the same. How can we give a smartphone some character? What actual value would this provide to consumers… (beyond) a hunk of metal and glass?”

Other upgrades consumers will be ecstatic about are the Quantum IPS panel, which is said to have the same color accuracy rating as displays used for color grading movies. It is 25 percent brighter with a 50 percent better contrast and a 20 percent better color accuracy. The LG G4 has a 32G storage, with the option to increase space via the phone’s MicroSD slot. The South Korean company has also improved battery management with a swappable 3000mAH battery, which the company claims can last more than a day on a charge.

One of the most essential improvements is made in the phone’s camera. It now touts a 16 megapixel compared to its 13 previously. For the selfie connoisseur, the front camera boasts an eight megapixel, and includes “selfie light.” It’s f/1.8 aperture aids in snapping photos in low-light conditions so you can have sharper, clearer images. There is also a 40 percent larger sensor so details can be captured with precision.

Prices are not available as of yet. The LG G4 is slated to be available on all major carriers early June.

(Photos via LG)