Dive in: Take a Luxury Submarine Adventure in the Mediterranean


Whether it’s skiing through moguls in Aspen or climbing to the world’s tallest peaks, nothing cures wanderlust like a adventurous vacation. Unfortunately, after your 20th trip down the same slope, the groomed snow of a ski resort can start to feel more safe than thrilling. Luckily, there’s a new, first-of-its-kind adventure experience for haute thrill seekers.

The Aurora Trust Foundation, along with SubSea Explorers, a marine archeology expedition company and U-Boat Worx, a Dutch manufacturer of submersibles are offering a brand new program that gives intrepid individuals the chance to take part in an archeological expedition off the coast of Sicily in the Mediterranean. Be forewarned: this isn’t a simple guided tour. Participants will be part of a real expedition crew working in a private submersible. The program features eight 1-week missions, During which, guests will be a part of a 3-person crew using a state-of-the-art, air-conditioned submersible to view, document and photograph recently discovered ancient Roman shipwrecks that sank 2,000 years ago. Guests will learn all about the culture history of the ancient civilizations that lived along the Mediterranean.


Participants in the program will each partake in three missions in the C-Explorer 3, a submersible built with a 360 degrees-view of its surroundings. They will work alongside a knowledgeable marine archeologist and a submersible pilot to uncover valuable information about these newly discovered shipwrecks. some artifacts studied during the expedition will even be recovered from the sea floor to be displayed in regional exhibits.

Highlights extend out of the water as well. Out of the sub, participants will be housed in an Island villa or a luxury yacht, depending on the specific program, and served meals from local gourmet restaurants. Other meals will be served at the villa or on a support vessel. All food and beverages, including wine and beer, will be included in the price of the program.

“This is a real bucket-list adventure,” said Ian Koblick, co-founder of the Aurora Trust Foundation. “You will become an authentic explorer and one of the first persons in 2,000 years to lay eyes on these ancient Roman shipwrecks.”

The program runs from June 20 – August 21 and starts at $20,000 per person

(Via Forbes Life)