Inside House of Bijan: Nicholas Bijan Gives an Exclusive Tour

There’s shopping, and then there’s shopping at the House of Bijan.

The premiere men’s boutique is a Rodeo Drive staple that represents the upper echelon of luxury shopping. From gazing at the store’s ornate styling and meticulously crafted displays, It’s immediately clear that a trip to Bijan isn’t just another day of shopping, but a finely curated experience that starts from the second your foot hits the landing.

After sitting down for an interview with Haute Time, the ever-gracious Nicholas Bijan was nice enough to give Haute Living an exclusive tour. “The Prince of Luxury” — who inherited the fabulous boutique from his father, the great Bijan Pakzad — took us through the store’s haute selection of goods and helped us understand what makes visiting the House of Bijan such a one-of-a-kind experience.

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