Haute 100 L.A.: The Scarlett Johannson-Starring Film “Ghost in the Shell” Sees a Release Date


Clip from "Ghost in the Shell"
Clip from “Ghost in the Shell”

The Dreamworks-produced and Scarlett Johannson-starring film Ghost in the Shell finally sees a release date as the company announced the film to see the light of day on April 5, 2016. The film initially proved controversial due to the casting of Johannson to play a cyborg detective named Motoko Kasunagi. In the 1996 anime that the film is based on, Kasunagi was portrayed to be Japanese. The release date is advantageous to Dreamworks because the slot is unoccupied by Disney. Dreamworks and Disney have a rivalry because Dreamworks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg was fired from Disney by Disney CEO Michael Eisner in 1994. The film gives Katzenberg a chance to show that his studio reigns supreme when it comes to digital animation.

Harvey Weinstein and Judi Dench
Harvey Weinstein and Judi Dench

What do you get super movie producer Harvey Weinstein? How about a token of appreciation? Weinstein recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show and discussed how he helped launch the career of actress Judi Dench. He convinced Dench to take the role of Queen Victoria in the 1997 film Mrs. Brown that won her an Oscar nomination and launched her Hollywood career. How did she thank him? By getting “Harvey Weinstein” tattooed across her ass, of course.

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