Create a New Dimension With 3D Wall Panels

Three-dimensional wall installations are an ultra-modern alternative to paint or flat panels. They excite the senses of sight and touch, and create an entirely new “dimension” within any room. Breathe new life into surfaces through the use of the following five unique and colorful wall panels.

#1: Wooden

The chaotic composition of Peter Glassford’s sculptural wall installation makes for an invigorating addition to any interior.

Peter Glassford

Create an eye-catching feature wall with these large wooden tiles, which are available in four different finishes and can be custom-crafted to specific dimensions. Glassford assembles random-shaped pieces from discarded furniture to create a unique and mesmerizing collage. Pricing for Glassford’s wall covering is available upon request: 212.679.0312.

#2: Patterned

Interlam’s designs draw inspiration from the environment, infusing motion into their exquisite panels.


The company’s Art Diffusion line is comprised of wavy and fluid textures, dramatic shapes, and carved patterns, offering a sensational alternative to traditional flat wall panels. Interlam offers over 150 patterns to choose from. Click here to receive a quote.

#3: Cast Rock

ModularArts offers panels made entirely of mineral, making them durable, safe, and healthy for the entire family.

3_modular arts 1

The extravagant, dimensional panels interlock, creating a continuous panel-to-panel alignment. They contain no plastic and are free of VOC’s and urea-formaldehyde. To obtain a quote or place an order, e-mail or call 206.788.4210.

#4: Intricate

Radlab is a Massachusetts-based design firm that creates one-of-a-kind wall features for a wide variety of clients.


Pictured above is a Radlab creation completed this year for Gradient Corp., a company specializing in the sciences. The “Gradient Wall” embodies the complexities of the firm’s work, and is currently installed in its Cambridge lobby in Massachusetts. Each of the 221 unique “cells” that make up this wall was constructed based on an algorithm; the end result is astounding. Request a quote by contacting Radlab through its website.

#5: Metallic

Giles Miller Studio’s brilliant ceramic wall design resembles a gilded honeycomb.


The “Alexander” wall unit’s shimmering metallic finish will draw the attention of all. The identical pixel-shaped pieces are hand-assembled at different angles, allowing light to “dance” across its delightful façade. Prices start at approximately $2,007 per square-meter.

Photos and details courtesy of Peter Glassford, Bespoke Global, Interlam, modularArts, and RADLAB