Quick International Trips from New York City

You don’t have to spend 10 hours on a plane to get out of town! Take a long weekend heading to one of these international destinations and back with flights under six hours. Bonus: if you’re not heading halfway around the world, there’s much less of a time difference, if any, to catch up to. Book yourself one of these quick international trips from New York City, grab your passport, and jet set out of town to be back before Monday morning.

Montreal, Canada
Flight time: 1 hour 25 minutes


Canada is obviously one of the closest “foreign” destinations from New York, but Quebec totally feels like a completely different world! They speak French, at least. Historic castles like La Place Real and Fort Ville-Marie make for great daytime excursions. At night, head to one of Montreal’s esteemed restaurants, like Le Club Passet et Peche or Toqué.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Flight Time: 3 hours 55 minutes


A flight into Cancun airport and a quick drive will take you tone of Mexico’s most scenic destinations: Playa del Carmen. White sand beaches and teal waters are warm throughout the year, and a handful of luxury hotels offer every amenity you could desire. Beachside massage? Yes. Seaside estate Esencia is the former vacation home of a European duchess or the stay at the Viceroy Riviera Maya for a romantic getaway.

St. Thomas
Flight time: 3 hours 55 minutes 


A tropical island getaway with no time change! Visit the scenic island for luxury and adventure, including beautiful coral reef diving and flyboarding, a strange but unique watersport that’s trending with island visitors. Stay at the Ritz Carlton for gorgeous oceanfront suites and the ultimate pampering– you’re here to relax. Go out for a meal at Grand Cru and be sure to walk around historic Frenchtown. Bonus: St. Thomas is part of the U.S. Virgin Islands, so you technically don’t even need a passport.

The Bahamas
Flight time: 2 hours 45 minutes 


Just the word Bahamas has us ready to hop into a bikini and jump in the water. Fly into Nassau and Paradise Island for a metropolitan escape or visit the Berry Islands for an isolated ecological sanctuary. Staying in the Bahamas gives you the perfect excuse to lie around with a magazine and relax all day. Private flying to the islands and between islands is also encouraged by the Bahamas Tourism Board, so you can travel on your schedule.

Nuuk, Greenland
Flight time: 5 hours, 25 minutes 


The flight is a bit longer, but a two hour time change is easily manageable for a trip to a totally unique country– it’s an easy way to get some Scandinavian culture (which is trending in fashion and food this season) without traveling all the way to Europe. Greenland is actually pretty icy, so pack up your Nordic fleeces! Hotel Arctic is a popular destination for those who want a luxury adventure near the Arctic Circle or Hotel Hans Egede is located on Nuuk’s main street for a more cosmopolitan experience.