Jobs That Will (and Won’t) Get You into Soho House

Now nearing its 15th birthday, Soho House New York is an elite, members-only club in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. This British import prides itself on its “No Suits” policy that favors the creative set over anyone involved in finance.

In fact, they once famously placed a sign in the lobby showing a red line and a circle slashing through a suit. A membership purge in 2010 also kept the club close to its artistic roots, barring hedge fund managers and their industry cohorts from renewing.

The spot is renowned for its bars, private meetings rooms and, of course, the famed rooftop pool. And yes, they also have a restaurant and spa. There are only two ways for non-members to enter: either by stalking your member friend for an invitation, or by booking one of the 24 guest rooms, which start at $445 per night.

Soho House

A membership at Soho House costs a lot more than the $2,000 annual membership fee (and that only grants access to your local house). The Soho House site also touts that they look for those with a “creative soul,” almost exclusively in the “film, fashion, advertising, music, art, and media” industries.

So who exactly is eligible for membership? Below is a list of the “occupations” that will (or won’t) get you in.


  1. Blogger: It is beyond me how any blog can sell enough ad space to pay for the $150 application fee, let alone the annual membership. And yet dozens of the city’s most popular bloggers can be found posting poolside at any time of day.
  2. Fashion Assistant: Ditto to the same financial issue as with bloggers, but these people are even more attractive. They probably work too many hours to even take advantage of membership.
  3. Socialite: They’ve got style, they’ve got connections.  Plus they’ve got Daddy’s Black Card to throw down at the bar.
  4. Advertising: Copywriters, graphic designers, and “media specialists” are always welcome.
  5. Publicists: They know everyone, so finding two Soho House members to write their letters of recommendation is never a problem. Plus they will ensure a good guest list at any House event.


  1. Consulting: The poor consultants of the world are just looking for a place to while away the forty eight hours they’re actually in New York. Unfortunately, Soho House won’t be the spot.
  2. Finance: These guys are the arch nemesis of Soho House. Even Patrick Bateman couldn’t have gotten in.
  3. Lawyer: This career path is considered far too boring for admission.
  4. Advertising executives: We’re talking about the Pete Campbells of the world—account people, new business, etc. This is most likely due to the fact that they occasionally wear a suit.
  5. Politics: Far too beige. Plus you don’t want to risk letting someone like Anthony Weiner into the changing rooms.