Haute Ambassador: Lea Black’s Summer Series and Scents

As the summer approaches, I thought it would be fun to share with you how I will be spending some of my time in LA.

I will be catching up on my some of my favorite TV shows. One of them is “House of Cards,” a political-drama available through Netflix. It is an engrossing, juicy and intelligent show portraying the manipulation and psychology behind the power players in Washington. It is riveting!

House of Cards

Another exciting show that I am looking forward to watching is “24: Live Another Day,” again, a fast paced, smart show. I was a fan of the original, so I am looking forward to the new, limited-run of twelve episodes. It is currently airing on the FOX network- check your local tv listing for time and dates or you can catch it through various different streaming networks.


In between watching TV, I love to catch up on my magazine reading, Vanity Fair, W Magazine, Vogue and, of course, Haute Living. There is nothing better than sitting outside in the fresh air, laying down and reading up on the new fashion trends, interesting profile pieces and expose stories.

This leads me to a summer movie I am excited to catch, “Yves Saint Laurent”, a biographical movie based on the life of the legendary designer. I have always been a great fan of both the designer and label. Saint Laurent was instrumental in both making “ready to wear” credible and breaking down barriers by using African models in his runway shows. I created the original Jazz fragrance for men back in the late 80’s and eventually sold YSL the line and trademark. Maybe I’m excited about the movie – I feel a personal connection. Lol

Jazz YSL

During the summer, the perfume I love to wear is Climat by Lancome, a floral aldehyde fragrance with top notes of violet, peach, jasmine, lily-of-the valley, bergamot, rose, narcissus and other ingredients. You cannot get more summer than that! This fragrance was launched in 1967, I have loved it since the day I first discovered it and over time this fragrance has become me.

Climat Lancome

Until next time, spread the light and keep the peace!