Viceroy Miami Spa Introduces The HydraFacial

Icon Spa by Phillipe Stark

There are two very good reasons to hit the The Viceroy Miami’s spa. The first that the spa was designed by Philippe Stark and is the most beautiful Miami Hydrafacial machinespa. The second is that they now have the cutting edge HydraFacial MD machine, which gives one of the best and deepest facials around. It uses a patented vortex fusion technology that gently exfoliates and hydrates the skin at the same time.

It’s kind of like a more comfortable version microdermabrasion using serums. Instead of redness and discomfort, you’ll get instant, glowing results. The Viceroy’s spa is one of very few places across Florida to offer this new facial, so aside from instant results, you’re also getting an unparalleled spa experience in the beautiful Philippe Stark-designed spa.

They also finish off your face with the spa’s signature Valmont products, which blow a lot of premium lines out of the water.  Valmont hails from Switzerland and use DNA from Canadian salmon milt. Why? Apparently it has “exceptional moisturizing, anti-oxidant and energizing properties as well as its amazing capabilities of cellular regeneration,” which sounds like exactly what we want. They also use ultra-pure glacial water and grow eight different varieties of plants for proprietary extracts. The best part is that this ultra expensive product is almost impossible to find, adding to it’s allure. One place you can buy it is at The Viceroy Miami’s spa, as if you needed a third reason to go!

Icon Spa

ladies lounge in Icon Spa by Philippe Stark