North American Unveiling Of The New Ferrari California T At New World Symphony



Ferrari unveiled the new California T for the first time in North America at The New World Symphony to a symphonic accompaniment. Ferrari North America’s Vice President of Commercial & Marketing of Ferrari SpA, and interim CEO, Enrico Galliera was there to pull the red drape off the new model to a select crowd of collectors and notable guests like The Collection owner Ken Gorin, were on hand to for the experience. The car, a V8 Turbo, is only the second turbo in Ferrari’s history and goes 0-60 in 3.6 seconds, with 552 hp and 557 lb-ft of torque at 4,750 rpm.  Aside from power, the new Ferrari improves on fuel economy from the California and has a retractable hard top and embodies the 1963 250 GT California that was on display. 

“There is a very limited number of these cars. We know these cars will take value in the future and [the opportunity to buy one] is a sort of gift to our loyal customers,” said Galliera to Haute Living. “We have come off of three years of growth because of the new countries that are buying Ferraris like China.” Now they are reigning it in. “We are only making 7,000 Ferraris per year and the waiting list is at least 12 months,” he said moments before addressing the crowd and pulling off the red drape. The only thing there is no more waiting for? Seeing the sparkling new California T.