Ring in Spring with Madame Paulette

John Mahdessian and his team of experts will chase away your winter blues with their unmatched interior cleaning and restoration services.888466003_ATqWh-X3

Now is the time for spring cleaning! What items need the most attention this time of year?
Dirt particles are incredibly abrasive to delicate fabrics, especially in high-traffic areas of your home. Rugs that are near entryways should be addressed immediately when the weather breaks to prevent further damage. Getting your air ducts cleaned is also essential to the air quality and fabrics in your home. Drapes hold dust and dirt particles from duct air and from their proximity to windows, so they should also be cleaned. You also need to focus on other areas of your home that perhaps have endured extra use during the winter months. Dining room chairs, headboards and couches are a great place to start.

Has your interior service been around as long as your garment service?
Madame Paulette has been in business for 55 years. We’ve been doing interior cleaning and treatments for at least the last 20 to 25 years, and we have the best artisans and craftsman in each of our unique departments.


What is your relationship with top luxury interior designers in the tri-state area?
We work with a lot of top interior designers like Peter Marino, Holly Hunt and Victoria Hagan. They utilize our services for their clients for new custom upholstery to protect the fabric or to safely clean and restore vintage fabrics. For example, interior designers might bring in a beautiful velvet drape with a rubberized blackout shade and silk lining (three fabric compositions) that may need special attention. We offer different methods for cleaning things that are not easily serviceable. We also pre-shrink any fabrics that may be susceptible to shrinking before upholstering furniture, and with anything in public domain, we offer flame retardant fabrics and treatments. Since many interior designers recommend us, we have a lot of first-time clients coming in daily.


What sort of extraordinary interior projects have you been involved in during recent months?
We cleaned the Presidential Suite and deluxe suites at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York. At St. Vartan Cathedral, we cleaned everything from the vestments to the rugs to the drapes to the dining room chairs. We’ve also cleaned the drapes at Radio City Music Hall and the vintage leather furniture that is up in the VIP room.


Does your interior service travel outside of New York City?
We travel within the tri-state area. Since we are experts in the field of cleaning and restoring, we are often called upon in New York, the Hamptons, New Jersey and Connecticut. Clients are very anxious to get rid of the winter blues and are re-opening their homes for the season, and many need items fiber protected and cleaned to be ready for guests and indoor-outdoor living. Ask us for an evaluation on-site or send photos to asktheexpert@madamepaulette.com, and we’ll freshen up your home just in time for spring!