John Brevard Creates Art & Jewelry For A New Generation of Influencers

John Brevard

Behind every great design is a story. Sometimes it’s based on physicality: the country where a stone was harvested, the age of a slab of petrified wood. Other times, it’s based on something more ethereal such as a concept, a feeling, or a belief. But no matter the source of inspiration, behind all great designs, like all great stories, is a great storyteller to bring the tale to life.

“Creators are special people,” luxury designer John Brevard tells Haute Living. “If you truly create something new and unique that’s based on something beyond your form, it’s something that’s channeled through you.”

Ranging from spiked cocktail rings to stainless steel tables, all of Brevard’s designs pay homage to principles of sacred geometry, science and physics, concepts rarely tackled in the fashion industry. “There’s nothing more inspiring than the universe,” he admits. “I’m influenced by realms of existence beyond our five physical senses… alternate dimensions beyond our normal waking state consciousness.”

John Brevard

After opening several pop-up showrooms in Miami, displaying his prowess in sculpture and abstract art, Brevard recently expanded his talents into developing a luxury jewelry line that redefines femininity. His latest jewelry collection—a high-end gold line and a more moderately priced silver line—is often spotted on celebrities and fashion giants alike. “The type of woman who wears my product is an influencer,” he reveals. “She’s someone who is not scared of being unique. She’s powerful, she knows herself, and she knows what she likes. She’s not a follower, but an expressive, unique individual that values thought-provoking designs.”

tanzanite necklace

One of Brevard’s most notable pieces is a blue flawless 235-carat tanzanite pendant encompassed by 22 trilliant cut diamonds and 18-karat gold based on the Orion constellation. “It’s an extraordinary piece because it’s made from the second largest cut tanzanite in the world,” he says. Another standout is the Infinity table, which he handmade from steel and petrified wood sourced from Indonesia.

“In the past, so much work out there was based on recycled concepts. We are moving into a new wave of awareness that showcases a lot of intriguing and unique projects that reflects the compelling time we are in,” he divulges. “Its wonderful that so many people today are digging deep and discovering their why, their vision, and their way.”