Haute 100 Update: Anthony Shriver & Romero Britto Meet Artist Connie McSilver

The Florida Grand Opera opened their Tosca show last week with an intimate pre-performance dinner with Ramon Tebar, Music Director of the Florida Grand Opera and Bernard Markowicz, featuring his artist Connie McSilver, who showed her work in the Next Generation Green Room.

Before the dinner, Anthony Kennedy Shriver and Romero Britto stopped by to meet the artist, who is a retired psychoanalyst and respected social worker. Her experiences with human challenges motivate her work, which explores the intricacies of the psyche with a unique and often humorous perspective. She shares her own passion and gives back both literally and figuratively; she donates proceeds from her sales to a university scholarship fund. Both Shriver and Britto were interested in learning about Ms. McSilver’s art and how it has benefited individuals and charities.

The Co-Producer Society is an exclusive group of donors to the Florida Grand Opera whose generous contributions make it possible to bring premier singers and productions to South Florida – essentially “producing” the opera season.