Kalla Launches Couture Floral Delivery Service In Miami


There is a brand new way to send flowers in Miami. Kalla.com, a new Miami-specific site upon which you can buy stylish floral arrangements, is barely two weeks old. Still the new service has had a busy week. On Thursday, they held a posh launch party at Soho Beach House. The next day, Kalla launched a temporary pop-up shop at Azul Boutique in Merrick Park to give shoppers a first hand look at their creations until April 13.

The bouquets feature original, designer vases, tight, unique arrangements with a style that is sure to be readily identifiable once the city’s “ladies who flower” get the chance to send and receive. Another identifiable factor? The big beautiful box they come in which can readily include gourmet chocolates and vintage wines.

“The floral industry has become saturated with generic arrangements and an assembly line approach — particularly when it comes to online and mass market retailers,” Kalla’s lead floral designer Addie Flynn says. “We wanted to bring a hand-crafted, personal connection back to flower delivery — while at the same time offering products that are incredibly unique and modern. Every relationship and occasion is different, so the craft and thoughtfulness that goes into each Kalla delivery makes it all the more meaningful,” Flynn adds.

The flowers and the site are so great,  both giving and receiving will be a pleasure, and we certainly hope you get to do both.