Have You Had a Ménage à Spa?


Spa e, Lincoln Road’s best spa, recently celebrated 10 years of making South Beach more beautiful. The modern spa features a unique open forum that eschews private rooms for comfy chairs surrounding a gurgling fountain. Spa-goers have a view on the Lincoln Center Courtyard Garden into which the spa is tucked away, just out of sight of the bustling road.

The spa has a wide menu of services that including the Biolight Miracle Facial that uses a glyco-sea peel and the 4-Layer Fetish, which uses layers of pure, fresh seaweed. Scared of seaweed on your face? Don’t be, Cosmo called it the “best facial of the century.” The best thing of all is that all of these services can be combined in the “Ménage à Spa” package, giving you three sets of hands working on you at once. Pick from their extensive spa menu and make your own combination of a facial, massage, manicure or pedicure at the same time! Package begins at $165.

Owner Brenda Le Grange is a spa veteran, having owned spas in resort ski towns out west before alighting on Lincoln just before it really took off. “I’ve been working with Repechage since before then and it really is one of the best skincare lines,” she says of the line they’ll be using throughout the treatments. “It’s really botanical, yet very active,” she says. The line is extensive and offers something for every skin type, but our favorite is the Vita Cura, a line that features Biomimetic Messenger Pentapeptide to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and firm up skin.

The line also includes cosmetics, so after deconstructing your face the Four Layer Fetish, which Cosmopolitan UK™ called, “The best facial of the century,” they can make it back up again with flawless makeup!